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Matt Small – ‘That I May See’

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This week will see Black Rat Projects play host to Matt Smalls solo show named ‘That I May See’.  The title refers to the motto of the Robert Shitima School in Zambia. Back in March Black Rat took up the opportunity to travel with Matt Small and Swoon to Lusaka where they spent a week giving art workshops to young people from the Robert Shitima School. Matt has produced a beautiful new body of work based on his experience there. The show consists of portraits of the children from the school and 40% of the proceeds from the sale of works will be sent back to support the great work being done at the school.

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Dave Kinsey Studio Visit

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It seems like an eternity since I was in Los Angeles with my camera & it’s taken me even longer to find the time to put some words and pictures down about my road trip out of the big city to spend some time with one of my favourite artists.

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Best I Ever – The Delicacy Of Passion

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BEST | EVER are proud to present The Delicacy Of Passion, a micro pop-up show in conjunction with 55DSL and Becks. The exhibition will showcase a selection of their latest works as a taster for their forthcoming solo show in the autumn.

In their short working partnership, British duo BEST | EVER have gained worldwide recognition for their unique interpretive depictions of the human form. Individually they began their careers as graffiti writers but since meeting in late 2008, have developed a more classical style together that combines intricate aerosol photorealism with traditional painterly techniques. Influenced as much by Schiele and Klimt as by their combined experience as urban artists, BEST | EVER execute sensitive subject matters such as death, disease and mental illness with soul and wisdom that belies their youth.

In their first twelve months together BEST | EVER have shown internationally in Berlin, Tokyo and Porto, as well as being part of numerous group shows in London and all over the UK. They also feature in a forthcoming street art exhibition and book curated by the V & A museum, the exhibition will tour the UK between October 2010 and December 2012.


55DSL London Flagship Store
10/A Newburgh Street,
W1F 7RN,

6PM – Late with music from DJs Legendary Children & Friends

Wallkandy has had the pleasure of watching these guys paint on a number of occasions, check out more Best I Ever photos on my flickr.

Jeff Soto – ‘Lifecycle’

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New York, NY (May 20, 2010) — Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present Lifecycle, an exhibition of new works by California-based artist Jeff Soto, in what will be his third solo show at the gallery. In conjunction with this exhibition, the artist will be painting a site-specific public mural in New York City, and releasing a new limited-edition print.

More information after the jump.

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Pam Glew at Bicker Gallery Part 2

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A few days back we mentioned Pam Glews show on the other side of the pond, here we have a stop frame video of the show going up.

Charloe Isoe – ‘Silver Spoons & Hotel Rooms’

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I went along to Lazarides today to see Charlie Isoe’s solo show and to also take photos of the art & gallery space. The show comprises of work on canvas both stretched & unstretched, sculptures, installations & photographs. I left the gallery in full swing but here are a selection of the images I took.

Artist in Residence

David Choe – Nothing to Declare

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Lazarides Gallery Presents ‘DAVID CHOE – NOTHING TO DECLARE

Los Angeles – April 23rd –  May 23rd 2010

David Choe at work

Artist Statement
I am a typical artist, so I’m definitely my own worst enemy, my irritable bowel syndrome being a close second,  I self destruct constantly, I suicide bomb my own shit weekly, and destroy everything that is good and pure in my life.

I love and hate la. I was born and raised here, this is the city where I first fought, fucked , farted, and rioted . I fucking love the shit out  of this city and I hate it with all my heart. This is the city that never gave me an art show so I had to exhibit at an ice cream parlor. I want to burn this city to the ground. This is the city that came out in hundreds to see my movie premiere and made my parents proud. I want to face fuck this city. Either way It’s been way too longlos angeles, and I’m sorry I had to leave in the first place, but you were really annoying the shit out of me, but I forgive you , I’m sorry I left you when you needed me most, ive seen these horrible atrocious art shows you’ve been subject to, I seen these wacked out gimmicky douchey group shows and art walks you been sexually and mentally harassed by , and I’m here to tell you,I’m coming soon, and maybe you’ll appreciate me and not take me for granted this time . lets make the dysfunction work for us, ok ? I promise to try harder if you try harder. It’s been 6 long years since my last show here when you fucked me and I left you. in that time I seen things, I’ve heard things, I’ve felt things I’ve never felt before, I been hitchiking  all over the globe , I been to Japanese jails, African jungles, Chinese torture chambers, the whitehouse, and to all 7 levels of hell and Back .

In april 2010 I will have my first solo art show in BEVERLY HILLS CALIFORNIA with Lazarides .I will take all my love all my hate all my pain all my rage, all my suffering and all my skills and experience i’ve collected over the years everything I’ve learned in every medium from watercolors to oils to spraypaint I’m gonna express everything I feel about this city and what it is to live and die and be born again in the city of angels…. los angeles I’m coming home and when I come this time, I’m gonna come harder than I ever have before.   — Daivd Choe koreatown,los angeles MARCH 2010

David Choes Studio Space

Photos © Brandon Shigeta

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