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The Chrome Angelz Show

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Giles Walker ‘The Last Supper’ in Pictures

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After my first visit to see Giles Walker’s ‘The Last Supper’ I revisited with my camera to try and capture the atmosphere of the installation and space. 

Words from the press release:

Giles Walker‘s extraordinary Last Supper. A fully animated sculpture consisting of thirteen mechanical figures who interact around a table.
A year in the making, this remarkable work is simultaneously humorous and frightening. The Last Supper surpasses the audience’s initial interest in the robotic elements of the piece and draws us into the questions it poses and the all too human aspects it addresses. It promises to leave a lasting impression on those who have the opportunity to experience it.

Click the photos for larger images or watch the slideshow after the jump.

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Delta – Random Distress

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I’ve been a long time fan of Deltas sculptures but his new work has moved to a whole new level.  The work pops with colour playing tricks on your perspective & leaving you baffled as to where each element finishes and the next one starts.  More photos and show details after the jump.

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EuroTrash – Group Show

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A Group Show Featuring the Artwork of JR, Conor Harrington, Antony Micallef & Vhils

Words from the press release

Lazarides LA is proud to introduce, EuroTrash: a stellar line up of some of the hottest European artists around.

Immortalizing the individual in monumental proportions is what these exciting artists do best. Using the overlooked, misunderstood and mundane elements of our everyday, each artist captures our attention with their distinctive style and alternative approach. Sharing a vested interest in their individual and collective surroundings and society, they poetically express a desire for universal appreciation.

Hailing from France, JR will bring his unsurpassable unique vision to Beverley Hills. Immersing himself within cultures where struggle and conflict are rife, he presents his monochromatic photographs, often over 20 feet high on unconventional exhibiting arena’s to highlight humanist matters that are often overlooked.

Cork born painter Conor Harrington goes against the grain of the fast pace of graffiti art preferring to opt for the slower process of oil painting yet never forgetting his street roots. Interested in opposing elements, illusion of power and the emotional side of masculinity, soldiers and conquerors exist within colourful abstracted landscapes.

London based Antony Micallef’s energetic work both celebrates and despises contemporary society. The world portrayed by Micallef is one of contradictions as Barbie becomes the Virgin Mary adorned with a Chanel necklace and cutesy paraphernalia, Angel’s wield guns and Soldiers wear flower power printed uniforms.

Portuguese artist Vhils aka Alexandre Farto is the youngest artist on Lazarides books. Working with manipulating surfaces, whether it is the brick façade of buildings with masonry equipment or layered fly posters that he peels away, he transforms these varying planes to reveal mystifying, striking portraits that explore a cities dimensions.

Exhibition Opens to the Public: Wednesday June 9, 2010
Exhibition Runs: June 9 –  June 27, 2010
Location: 320 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills CA 90210 (open daily Noon-8pm)

The images above are for illustration purposes only, you can find many more photographs from previous shows here

Armsrock – ‘Drawn Towards the Present’

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Press release

The Danish artist Armsrock, is one of a handful of artists on the Urban/Street art scene whose work reaches out beyond the confines of the genre. The quality and unique nature of his work, both on the street and for the gallery, has made him stand out in that talented crowd.

Armsrock’s work consists of delicately drawn figures, which he pastes on walls in urban settings. Mostly life-size portraits of humans on the edge of society, the character and placement of these pieces make them feel, sometimes, as if they have been tattooed to the wall. At other times, they can appear transitory – as if they had just arrived at a scene and are about to move on. More recently, he has developed an analogue projection technique that enables him to combine his magical drawn figures with light. This has the effect of making the images even more fragile and fleeting, almost like ghosts.

His new show in Signal Gallery is called ‘Drawn Towards The Present’. The show will be built around an installation that will consist of monumental charcoal drawings on rice paper. The imagery represented in the drawings is based on press-clippings from the artist’s archive, which have been reworked to create a fragmentary representation of contemporary history and a glimpse into our future hopes and fears.

Armsrock, was born in 1984 in Copenhagen and graduated at the Hochschule Für Kunst in Bremen, Germany. The quality of his art has been recognised internationally and has been seen in streets and public spaces across Europe and the United States. He has also shown his work extensively in traditional art institutions, such as museums and galleries. This is a young artist whose passion and commitment to his craft has won him supporters and buyers wherever he has shown his work.

Signal Gallery, London

Prefab77 Opening at Lazarides Quayside

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I dropped by Lazarides Newcastle on Thursday evening to catch up with friends and have a few beers.

Prefab77 had not only pulled out all the stops with the art on display but also went one step further and installed their very own Beefeater on the door.  Every gallery should have one.

For once I didn’t spend the majority of my time behind the camera which is probably a good job because there wasn’t room to move on either floor or outside the gallery on the pavement.

The night had a really good party vibe with a really good turn out of people, lots of laughter and of course a well stocked bar.  The partying continued long after I’d retired for the night followed, so I’m told, by quite a few sore heads this morning.

Check out Prefabs flickr for lots more detailed photos of their work.  You’ll have to go in person to see all of the work on display.

Lucy Mclauchlan – Fifty24SF Show

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Great video showing Lucy painting the gallery at Fift24sf.

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