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The Story of Eames Furniture

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In this unique 2-volume, 800-page book with more than 2,500 images, Marilyn Neuhart tells the story — to paraphrase Charles Eames himself — of how Eames furniture got to be the way it is.

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New Book ‘Faile Prints + Originals 1999 – 2009’ Coming Soon

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I know Faile have been working on this book long and hard for a few months now so it’s great to see some news on the publishers website of a book that is sure to be on most fans shopping list, it’s certainly on mine.  Gestalten, who also brought us Beyond the Street, show the book as being available in September of this year so fans will have to be a little patient.

Faile have been very busy over the last few months with not only preparing this book but also their show Fluxx Deluxx together with Bäst at Lazarides in London & then New York. We’ve also seen some really nice print releases in this time.

Whilst the books won’t be ready for release until September you can pre-order your copy to ensure you receive it as early as possible.  The published prices will be € 44,00 / $ 69,00 / £ 40,00 but it is available with a discount on pre-order.

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Urban Interventions – Personal Projects in Public Spaces

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About the Book

Words from Gestalten

Evolving from graffiti and street art, urban interventions are the next generation of artwork to hit public space. Using any and all of the components that make up urban and rural landscapes, these mostly spatial interventions bring art to the masses. They turn the street into a studio, laboratory, club, and gallery. Modified traffic signs, swings at bus stops, and images created out of sand or snow challenge us to rediscover our environment and interact with it in new ways. The work is an intelligent and critical commentary on the planning, use, and commercialization of public space.

With a rich visual selection of projects and methods, Urban Interventions documents this new artistic approach to urban art that is currently making a profound mark on our contemporary visual language. The book shows the growing connections and interplay of this scene with art, architecture, performance, and installation. Propagators of urban intervention surprise and provoke with work in cities including New York and London, but also in countries such as China, Columbia, and Turkey. Everywhere the work appears it turns public spaces into individual experiences.

Urban Interventions is the first book to document these very current, personal art projects in a comprehensive way.

Editors: R. Klanten, M. Huebner
Language: English
Release: March 2010
Format: 24 x 30 cm
Features: 288 pages, full color, hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-89955-291-1

Published by Gelstalten

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