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The Madness Begins!

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Pictures on Walls & Marks & Stencils





Banksy – Doh!

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While the show begins with the familiar scene showing the Simpsons on their sofa, the credits take a dark turn — with a minute-long animation showing dozens of sweatshop workers painting scenes for the cartoon in a filthy warehouse filled with rats, human bones and waste.

Kittens are thrown into a wood chipper to create stuffing for Bart Simpson dolls while a chained unicorn collapses as its horn is used to punch holes in Simpsons DVDs.

Some of the artist’s ideas were so elaborate that some of the show’s animators threatened to walk out, The Sun claimed.

Banksy, whose real identity has never been confirmed, is renowned for his guerilla-style tactics in which pieces of his graffiti-art appear without warning in public places.

Previously he has drawn a life-sized replica of a Guantanamo Bay detainee at Disneyland.

Banksy has already created his own take on the Simpsons in his own work, showing a boy writing lines on a blackboard.

Source: The Telegraph


Banksy Walking the LIne

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There’s been lots of chat, photos from every angle, tweeting, re-tweeting and tweeting again so I’ve steered clear of Banksy fever until I saw one of the latest additions in Detroit. A star struck rat walks the tightrope. Spotted on an industrial building on Van Dyke between Anna and Gerald.

Banksy hadn’t used rats in his work for years that is until his latest creation ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ opened in the UK, US and Canada.  Banksys league of fans who are used to eagerly waiting months for his next foray onto the street have certainly been spoilt since the film came out.

As well as liking the rat it also got me thinking and and that’s why I decided to post. There is always a lot of debate about the meaning behind a new Banksy piece, what does this one mean, could the meaning behind this stencil be a bit more personal?

The London preview of the film took place at the ‘Lambeth Palace’, a temporary cinema space under Waterloo Station. Wallkandy was lucky enough to be  invited along way back when to see the film & thoroughly enjoyed it. Here are a few snaps I took of the Lambeth Palace interior.

But the question on every fans lips remain where will he appear next?

It’s all in a Name …

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According to The Guardian

The group formerly known as Exit Through the Gift Shop receives an unexpected reward for acceding to graffiti artist’s request.

The painting arrived outside Simon Duncan’s west London home inside a battered old van. Overnight it has put him at the heart of street culture and made him £200,000 wealthier. The new work by Banksy was sent unexpectedly last week to Duncan, a 41-year-old web developer, as compensation for the world-renowned graffiti artist having coincidentally chosen the name of Duncan’s band as the title for his film, Exit Through the Gift Shop.

“I am a drummer in a band that was called Exit Through the Gift Shop that I started with friends 18 months before I turned 40. It was a kind of midlife crisis, but we are still going, with a different line-up, and it has become a bit more serious,” said Duncan, who agreed to change his band’s name to Brace Yourself in an arrangement with Banksy.

“We had these hilarious emails from someone saying he was Banksy, but we didn’t know if they were genuine,” said Duncan. “Then a scruffy white van arrived. The driver had no idea what he was carrying.”

The band plan to unveil their new name and backdrop, which shows the grim reaper riding a dodgem car, at a London gig this week.

“When we saw the painting we could not believe it,” said Duncan. “It is the size of a double bed, for a start. We had to insure it, so a man from Sotheby’s came over to see it in my loft. He said to me, ‘This is surreal. I have just been valuing an 18th-century portrait in a stately home, but it is not as valuable as this.’

The band have put the painting in storage at Sotheby’s and will perform in front of a full-size copy.

‘Now’s The Time’ – Black Rat Projects

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This week Wallkandy will be visiting Black Rat Projects (formally Black Rat Press) who have their first show of 2010 opening on Friday.

From Black Rat Projects

‘Now ‘s the Time’ features important works by arguably the most influential artists ever to have worked in the streets. We will be exhibiting works by artists including Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Banksy, Barry McGee, Faile and Os Gemeos. The exhibition opens on April 23rd.

We will post Gallery photos later this week but you can check out other shows at Black Rat by visiting my gallery sets

Photos will also be posted on

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