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Conor Harrington – Dead Meat

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I dropped by to see Conor Harrington in his studio at at the weekend for the usual coffee & cake but to also see how he’s progressing on a new body of work for ‘Dead Meat‘. The show opens at Lazarides Rathbone Gallery on March 02nd and is sure to draw a lot of attention.

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Xenz – Pecking Disorder

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Since meeting Xenz in Gambia last year I’ve kept in touch with him as well as what he’s up to.

Over the last few months he’s been preparing for his first solo show ‘Pecking Disorder’, opening this Thursday 17th March, up in the north of England at Lazarides Outsiders space.  During this time it has been fascinating to watch Xenz painting, the man just never seems to stop.  Some photos from the studio visits below as well as an excerpt from the press release.

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Herakut – ‘Happy Doubt Day’

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Herakut Present Happy Doubt Day

Start Time:
Friday, June 11, 2010 at 7:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 6:00pm
mühlenstrasse 3
Düsseldorf, Germany

Make my Burden Lighter – Todd James Solo Show

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GERING & LóPEZ GALLERY is pleased to present the debut solo exhibition of New York-based artist Todd James. This will by James’ first exhibition with the gallery.

In Make My Burden Lighter, James depicts the sinful truths of American life with winsome cartoonish charm. Anthropomorphized weapons cajole in blood baths with pink-skinned blonde bombshells. Sprawling battle scenes extend ad infinitum across multiple sheets of paper. Complex, all-consuming compositions have an overwhelming sense of momentum, as if they were inevitable and unstoppable. These celebratory scenes of massive global chaos are sharply ironic yet playfully whimsical, obscuring our collective moral sense of the sanctity of life and death while pushing the boundaries of the viewer’s ability to judge what is desirable or taboo.

These seemingly innocent stream-of-consciousness doodles may appear as overtly political protest pieces upon closer examination. However, James does not seek to be didactic with his work. He is more interested in visually exploring the rhetorical techniques utilized by the American government and media in their attempts at desensitizing the populace’s perception of current affairs. The American tradition of packaging, commodifying, and manipulating information is at play in these works. They thus deeply connect with the current state of our shared reality, critiquing how we as spectators are led to understand it.

Self-taught, James first made a name for himself as Reas in the 1980s underground graffiti culture of New York. He went on to design the logos for The Source as well as Mobb Deep, Redman, and the Beastie Boys. In 2000, he collaborated with Steve Powers and Barry McGee on the Street Market project that was shown at Deitch Projects, New York; Parco Gallery, Japan; and the Venice Biennale. James will be restaging Street Market at Deitch Projects, New York in the summer of 2010. James was included in the traveling exhibition Beautiful Losers in 2004. Last year, he curated and participated in The New Yorkers at V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark. He has had solo exhibitions in London, UK; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Paris, France. This will be his first solo exhibition in New York.

January 15 – February 20, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, January 15, 6-8pm

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm. For further information please contact Julie Bills at 646.336.7183 or

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