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Agents of Change Go Large in London

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The Agents of Change have been busy in London painting their largest expanse of wall to date over 6 levels of scaffolding and across two elevations of the building.

The artists have been busy transforming the building exterior with their unique styles. Artists in residence include Augustine Kofie, Steve More, Remi Rough, LXone and David Shillinglaw.

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The Bone Yard Project

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Kidult T-shirt Give Away at Hermès London Ends in a Riot Van

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Kidult & crew were in London today to hand out free T-shirts to those people who had turned up to the rendezvous point outside Hermes on New Bond Street.  A group of 30+ people had already assembled in anticipation & this appeared to have alerted the store to the fact that something was going on.

Within what seemed like seconds of Kidult arriving the police appeared and quickly brought the sharing to an abrupt end whilst uttering the words ‘You are suspected of having stolen goods’.

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The White Canvas Project

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Follow the link for

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‘Metamorphosis’ – A solo show by Ludo

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Opening tomorrow night at High Roller Society Gallery is ‘Metamorphosis’ a solo show brought to us by Ludo.

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Abstract Graffiti – Cedar Lewisohn

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Abstract Graffiti

Cedar Lewisohn

Since the early days of the graffiti movement in late 1970s New York, street art has transformed cities around the world. Today it is a hugely popular, yet still highly controversial art form. In Abstract Graffiti, Cedar Lewisohn provides a vibrant account of the ‘outer limits’ of street art and graffiti that are being explored by artists in cities as diverse as London, Prague, Philadelphia and São Paulo. The work of these artists is ‘abstract’ not necessarily in the sense that it is non-figurative; rather, it may embrace a fresh, abstract approach to art. Lewisohn interviews both established graffiti artists and new practitioners of avant-garde forms of art in public spaces – such as Knit Graffiti and Street Training – and traces the art-historical lineage of these abstract trends. Addressing such issues as street art as a form of protest, graffiti as a crime, the place of street art in museums, and the evolution of materials, this book offers unrivalled insight into some of the most exciting and challenging work on the contemporary art scene.

– A timely overview of emerging trends and style developments in global street art
– Includes contributions from and exclusive interviews with the street artists Rammellzee, Barbara Kruger and Crew Against People

– With over 160 photographs of new work in cities worldwide, from Berlin to Buenos Aires and Moscow to Monterrey

  • Hardcover: 176 pages
  • Publisher: Merrell (11 Mar 2011)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 1858945267
  • ISBN-13: 978-1858945262
  • Product Dimensions: 24.1 x 24.1 x 2.5 cm
  • Save money off the published price of £19.95 here

Xenz – Pecking Disorder

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Since meeting Xenz in Gambia last year I’ve kept in touch with him as well as what he’s up to.

Over the last few months he’s been preparing for his first solo show ‘Pecking Disorder’, opening this Thursday 17th March, up in the north of England at Lazarides Outsiders space.  During this time it has been fascinating to watch Xenz painting, the man just never seems to stop.  Some photos from the studio visits below as well as an excerpt from the press release.

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