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In Bed with Invader

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Great ‘fly on the wall’ look at Invader working.


Doze Green x Luminosity in the Dark Rift

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Doze Green x Luminosity in the Dark Rift from Colin M Day on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes look at Doze preparing his show, Luminosity in the Dark Rift, for Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC.

ROA Stolespace Gallery London #ROA #art #streetart #stolenspace #wallkandy

Posted in Art on April 29, 2012 by wallkandy

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Giles Walker ‘The Last Supper’ in Pictures

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After my first visit to see Giles Walker’s ‘The Last Supper’ I revisited with my camera to try and capture the atmosphere of the installation and space. 

Words from the press release:

Giles Walker‘s extraordinary Last Supper. A fully animated sculpture consisting of thirteen mechanical figures who interact around a table.
A year in the making, this remarkable work is simultaneously humorous and frightening. The Last Supper surpasses the audience’s initial interest in the robotic elements of the piece and draws us into the questions it poses and the all too human aspects it addresses. It promises to leave a lasting impression on those who have the opportunity to experience it.

Click the photos for larger images or watch the slideshow after the jump.

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JR and Liu Bolin Behind the Creative Process

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In a pretty interesting get together, French artist JR has teamed up with Chinese artist Liu Bolin on a collaborative artwork in New York City. JR is known for his beautiful large scale works around the globe, while Liu Bolin is known for making himself disappear or make invisible on interesting backgrounds.

(Via Highsociety) Photo Sabeth718


Insa – ‘Self Reflection is greater than Self Projection’

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A new installation to be presented by INSA and open for one evening only.  I had the pleasure of being invited along to take a few snaps a few days before the opening.  The following words are from The London and Newcastle site

INSA’s latest installation work is his most obviously paradoxical to date. Having built the INSA brand reiterating issues of the female body and commodity fetishism, here, amongst a swirling cacophony of bikini clad women and chrome the audience is assured that ‘Self Reflection is greater than Self Projection’.

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Herakut Timelapse from Nuart 2011

Posted in Art, Film & Video with tags , , , on March 26, 2012 by wallkandy

Martin Hawkes never fails in producing a great cinematic experience of artists at work and this short film is no exception.

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