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Instagram, Facebook & Next Level Advertising

Posted in Action Reaction with tags , , on December 18, 2012 by wallkandy

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Thinking about these new Instagram terms and the storm brewing about photo use.

So Instagram may;-

1. Sell my image for use in advertising and I will not be entitled to a fee.

2. I may not be told my image has been used.

3. Advertising may not be obvious.

Of course the first point concerns me as a photographer but I’ve always used the service with this risk in mind.

The second point baffled me until I got to the third when things begin to make more sense.

‘Advertising may not be obvious’ this is the point that concerns me more than the use of my photo.

Facebook are naturally going to be Instagram’s biggest and probably only client. This move makes way for Instagram to allow Facebook to use your image and more importantly the data that is attached to that image.

Check-in somewhere, use #Tag’s and/or Geotags, and your image becomes relevant.

The technology in smart phones, unless you’ve disabled it yourself, location data is collected automatically. There is an immense amount of data floating around attached to images. These will be the triggers and your friend network the targets for the advertising as will their friends and so on.

There isn’t room for advertising on Instagram but there sure is on Facebook.

If advertising ‘May Not’ be obvious then will we start seeing a friends image in our feed looking like they were out at #Nando’s (any brand) last night?

This isn’t about the value of an Instagram image but more about how that image links a brand to a person to their whole network. Facebook have this resource and the perfect platform to carry it off.

Tag your photos with #anybrand and now you’re relevant and so is your friend network.

Instagram aren’t going to employ people to choose pictures and Facebook didn’t buy a photo library of gaudy images of drunk people. What they did buy is one almighty database with attached images.

This is potentially taking advertising to a whole next level.


Instagram have since responded on their blog to the reaction of its users.  Terms need to be reworded and give more detail, read more here


Rant over and I’m now off to make a tin foil hat and tape newspaper over the windows!



The Underbelly Project Paris

Posted in Action Reaction, Art, Artists, Photography, Shows, Events & Venues with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on December 31, 2011 by wallkandy

Following my visit in 2010 to the Underbelly project in New York I was invited back again this time to document the latest incarnation of the Underbelly Project in progress at a secret location under Paris.  Needless to say getting 16 people, camera kit, painting materials and supplies into an underground spot illegally is no easy feet and required military precision planning.

We met at the crack of dawn some distance from the entrance.  After a few checks and the strategic movement of some construction barriers we cautiously made our way to the manhole cover in groups ready to descend into the darkness.

To say I was anxious would be an understatement, all sorts of things were going through my mind. What happens if we get caught? (we’ve all been the number of  local attorney just in case). How will I climb down a manhole cover & ladder with a 16kg rucksack of camera kit but despite a few worrying moments hanging from a ladder in pitch black darkness we all managed to get to the bottom of the shaft some 40 feet below where we took a break and and made the most of the last glimpses of the dawn sky which we could just make out high above. Metro trains rattled passed on the line below pulling fresh air through the tunnels as we made our way to the spot.

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Robin Hood Tax

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Bill Nighy joins Dotmasters, DrD, David Walker, Teddy Baden, War Boutique, Kennardphillipps, Carrie Reichardt, Wreckage International & Peter Dunne at Cordy House, Shoreditch, London. The Robin Hood Tax were drumming up support with Mutate Britain. An morning press call brought the cameras out on a thankfully sunny day. An article can be found here.

Source: Dotmasters

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