Conor Harrington – Dead Meat

For the last few months I’ve followed Conor Harrington as he has been preparing for his recently opened solo show ‘Dead Meat’ at Lazarides Rathbone gallery.  I love watching the painting process so being able to watch this show come together has been a true feast for the eyes.

After many months of working long hours and through some pretty damn cold days and a power cut the work was finished.  The show opened Thursday 01st March to heaving gallery and a queue at the door.  For more pictures of the work and the gallery space follow the link.

The following photos show the work hung in the gallery space and provides a far better idea of the scale of each piece.  In addition to eight large canvases there were 25 small ‘Morning Glory’ studies (shown below).

If you can get to London to see this show then make the trip, it’s certainly a show that has to be appreciated in the person.

Conor Harrington – ‘Dead Meat’
2nd March 2012 – 12th April 2012
Rathbone Place,

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