Agents of Change Go Large in London

The Agents of Change have been busy in London painting their largest expanse of wall to date over 6 levels of scaffolding and across two elevations of the building.

The artists have been busy transforming the building exterior with their unique styles. Artists in residence include Augustine Kofie, Steve More, Remi Rough, LXone and David Shillinglaw.

The plan above shows one of the two elevations underway, each with numerous windows, architectural stonework, angles and corners to cope with.

LXone at work

Keeping the geometry of the design intact is no easy feat especially when you can’t stand back and have a look what you are doing without negotiating six ladders and some traffic.  Nevertheless the Agents are taking it all in their stride and making great progress.

Augustine Kofie at work

Remi Rough at Work

David Shillinglaw helps out

Steve More at Work

The following few pictures show some of the details up close that can’t be seen from the streets below.

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  1. […] What are the chances that exactly one year later another boutique hotel could say they have the ‘largest scale collaborative mural’ in a city core? Well, you’d think slim but it’s happened. Augustine and Remi, alongside Steve More and LX One, just completed 2 exterior walls of the 6 story high Hotel Megaro in London, England.  For photos and more information, visit: […]

  2. […] These select shots were taken live and direct on the scaffolding and as you can see, the work is in the details. Here is his official post including more photos of LX One, Remi/Rough and Steve Moore. […]

  3. […] We’re also getting some great press coverage for the Mural via the Evening Standard andCreative Review. Photographer, Ian Cox took the shots for the CR article. He also documented the mural in progress. For more of Ian’s photos of the mural check outWallkandy. […]

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