Xenz – Pecking Disorder

Since meeting Xenz in Gambia last year I’ve kept in touch with him as well as what he’s up to.

Over the last few months he’s been preparing for his first solo show ‘Pecking Disorder’, opening this Thursday 17th March, up in the north of England at Lazarides Outsiders space.  During this time it has been fascinating to watch Xenz painting, the man just never seems to stop.  Some photos from the studio visits below as well as an excerpt from the press release.

Excerpt from the press release.

This exhibition combines all elements of the artists work by mixing new and exclusive work with personal pieces that have remained just that until now. This is a rare opportunity to see paintings that are usually only glimpsed amid the chaos of the artist’s studio in London. The show also functions as a retrospective, creating an insight into the artist’s manifold inspirations throughout his prolific street art career dating back to the 80s.
“As a whole the show examines the idea of taking a holiday in paradise without realising that paradise is all in the mind,” says the artist. “Normally I paint a fantasy world, so this body of workʼs been interesting to produce as it contains mostly urban scenes. Iʼve put in some older work that seems to resonate within that context, like the drunken canary which to me symbolises over-consumption.” (continues below)

The Outsiders Newcastle is delighted to present Pecking Disorder, the first show by major street artist Xenz in his native north of England.
Xenz (pronounced ʻZensʼ) paints vibrant and often surreal landscapes onto outdoor urban settings. His pictures provide more than a welcome juxtaposition, opening a door into the most under-rated of human senses – the imagination. Born in 1974, Xenz started life as an artist by painting murals inside derelict warehouses in Hull, Yorkshire. His illustrative style, combining the natural world and psychedelia with street culture, was considered shocking within the graffiti scene at the time. Xenz was also one of the first street artists to evolve the notion of the city as a canvas, placing his pieces in seemingly unsuitable but arresting locations.

Xenz – Pecking Disorder

The Outsiders
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Opening Party Thursday 17th of March & open until Saturday 16th of April 2011


More photos here


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