Word to Mother – Blind by Stardom

Stolen Space Gallery opened its doors this week to a crowd eager to see ‘Blind by Stardom’ a solo show from Word to Mother which brings together his trademark style of drawing & painting together with a combination of beautiful salvaged materials.  I’ve only included a few photos of the work so you’ll need to go and see the show for yourself to truly appreciate the paintings & the work that has gone into each piece.

Prior to the show I spent some time in Word to Mothers studio as he was making the finishing touches to the work.  His space is one of the most interesting & visually stimulating studios I have had the pleasure of visiting, the sort of place you could easily grows roots.

Every surface is covered with memories, knick-knacks & curiosities & the walls are lined with stacks of ‘Urban Driftwood’.  Some paintings are laid out on the floor part way through assembly, some are hanging on the walls ready for framing & the largest piece is still work in progress.


‘Blind By Stardom’

Words: Stolen Space Gallery

Word To Mother’s new body of work invites the viewer to look past the exterior or what is immediately apparent and question what is behind. Referencing popular childhood characters he asks the viewer to question the agenda of media that is subjected to us, involuntarily sculpting our values and opinions. ‘Blind by Stardom’ is a comment on society being conditioned to worship fame and celebrity status as a way to keep the masses occupied so to keep them from questioning anything. Distractions in the form of everything from fluffy rendered characters to synthesised pop songs and reality television are used as a front to conceal a more sinister agenda. Nothing is as it seems, taking a cynical view of visual language we are confronted with everyday, nothing is literal anymore.


‘Blind By Stardom’ by Word To Mother
Show Opening 08.10.10 – 24.10.10
Stolen Space Gallery
Dray Walk















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