An Introduction to Express Painting with Anthony Lister

Late this afternoon I arrived at my usual coffee spot on Brick Lane where I promptly bumped into Word to Mother who was taking time out from preparing for his upcoming solo show ‘Blind by Stardom’ at Stolenspace.

Later on I dropped by WTMs studio which was buzzing with activity & amongst the throng was Anthony Lister who was in town briefly & itching to get out and up. After a short exchange of what, where & when the pair of them were off to raid Conors paint stash and within minutes Lister was out on the London streets splashing the paint around.

Now this wasn’t part of my plan today but watching him paint, a first for me, wasn’t something I was going to miss. My god this man works fast & most notably in such a free yet fluid manner.

As you can see from the photo above this is not a small spot but I’m not exaggerating when I say not much more than an hour passed between this piece being started & finished.

A shout to Word to Mother for sorting the spot and also Conor for allowing the raid on his stock pile.  The results speak for themselves.


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