LAzarides ‘EuroTrash’ – Gallery Photos

After spending a hectic week out in Los Angeles documenting the set-up of LAzarides EuroTrash show both inside the gallery and out on the streets, I realised tonight that I hadn’t yet posted anything about the finished show, mostly due to a combination of jet-lag and there being so much work to do in the gallery to get the show ready for the opening that evening, I simply didn’t have enough time to take pictures before the crowds arrived.

More images and details after the jump.

The following day I stayed on after hours so I could spend as long as necessary to take photos that would do the space justice, without the constant flow of visitors getting in my way. Here are the results, with walk-through commentary…

As you enter the gallery, the first thing you are faced with is a portion (1 of 4) of a reclaimed house wall that has been worked on by Vhils. It still contains the window, house number & down pipe. Behind that is one worked on by Conor Harrington.

The centre of the gallery was dominated by a sculpture constructed by Vhils with hand finished illuminated steel cubes, I’d spent much of the previous couple of days watching these change from raw steel boxes to the finished deal.  The process was fascinating to witness, and since Vhils is pretty much a nocturnal creature I didn’t get much sleep during this time.

Looking down the gallery from the back presented another altogether different view of the Vhils installation, this time flanked by large pieces from JR, Conor Harrington & Antony Micallef.

Looking down the gallery from the rear to the left hand side, the gallery’s cubicles show a mixture of work from all four artists, also included in the small enclosed area in the left hand corner.

Moving into the rear area of the space, there is a narrow corridor (flanked once again by work from all of the artists) taking you through to the very back of the gallery, an area once used in the building’s former life as changing rooms.

Now the area has been transformed into a micro cinema, where short films from both Vhils & JR are being shown. This area was rammed full of people on the opening night, even overspilling into the changing cubicles either side of the room.

Back to the front of the gallery JR has a TV pile simultaneously showing 9 of his short films, one on each of the stacked screens.

This is massive space to fill with art, and the associated production of lighting, wiring, painting, labour & materials was huge.  Had I not been there to witness what went into bringing EuroTrash alive, I would never have appreciated the challenges involved. It’s hard to believe that only a few days earlier the space looked like this…

I still have many more photos to sort through and will add further artist specific entries with more detailed photos of the work.  You can find some more photos on my Flickr here, I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did taking them.


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