Conor Harrington – Venice Beach

For the last two days Conor has been painting a wall on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach. See the finished wall after the jump.

After having the windows boarded over the work began in the unforgiving heat. It’s been a great two days of sunshine and lots of chat with the locals who have been overjoyed to see some colour brought to this ugly stucco building.

At times it became quite challenging to paint with the crowds of curious people building, gifts of beer were arriving and lots of questions were being asked.  This stretch of pavement became a regular meeting point as friends called friends who in turn called more friends.  Almost everyone stopped to chat and were always full of enthusiasm for what was going on with many saying ‘the area needs more of this’.

More of Conors work will be on view to the public when EuroTrash opens this coming Wednesday on Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, California.


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