Prefab77 Opening at Lazarides Quayside

I dropped by Lazarides Newcastle on Thursday evening to catch up with friends and have a few beers.

Prefab77 had not only pulled out all the stops with the art on display but also went one step further and installed their very own Beefeater on the door.  Every gallery should have one.

For once I didn’t spend the majority of my time behind the camera which is probably a good job because there wasn’t room to move on either floor or outside the gallery on the pavement.

The night had a really good party vibe with a really good turn out of people, lots of laughter and of course a well stocked bar.  The partying continued long after I’d retired for the night followed, so I’m told, by quite a few sore heads this morning.

Check out Prefabs flickr for lots more detailed photos of their work.  You’ll have to go in person to see all of the work on display.


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