Mode 2 Goes Big

I had the pleasure of being invited along & getting my hands dirty over the weekend splashing some orange paint on a very big wall in readiness for the real art.  My painting input was no more technical than decorating at home & was soon put in its place once Mode got to work with his  cans.

The monotony of over two days of painting & 35 litres of base coat soon faded away as the real craft began & Mode could really get to work on what he was there to do.  The sun shone, the heavens opened, friends came by to help & the local residents watched with interest.

Late into the night and early into the morning the painting continued until early Monday morning when the last cap was squeezed & the wall was complete.

The end result is pretty damn stunning & in Modes true trademark style.  For me being able to slap some paint around even up high was great fun but the real pleasure was in watching Mode work. From base coat, to line, to fill, to shade & outline.

It’s not often you get to witness something of this scale from start to finish & so was a real treat.


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