AOC0.3 Part 2 – Progress Pictures

Big shout to Ben Westaway for his skills in documenting the Agents of Change at work & bringing us such exquisite accounts of their activities.  You can experience Bens work below soon to be followed by a longer film together with sound by Remdog.

Ben was also responsible for the Ghost Village Project film made late last year following the trip to North West Scotland where the crew added some colour to an abandoned village. I also followed the artists progress up in Scotland, you can find my record of events here.

Derm – Ghost Village Project 2009

I was in the North on Friday evening so I paid a visit to the Sharp Project to see how things were progressing.  I had no idea what the AOC were up to, I had not seen the live streaming they had running & had no expectations about what I was about to see.

The building they were working in used to be a distribution center so was huge, high ceilings and vast open spaces.  Their wall was obscured from view at entry by offices fabricated out of old shipping containers. I turned the corner and the sheer size of their wall hit me even with it being such a huge open area.

If you squint you can just make out The Agents of Change ‘posing’ in front of the wall below.  I will be adding a few more work in progress pictures to the Wallkandy Facebook page as I get time to complete them.  Join the group and you’ll get the updates.


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