Charlie Isoe – Silver Spoons & Hotel Rooms

Charlie Isoe silver spoons and hotel rooms

14 May – 24 June 2010
Lazarides is pleased to announce Charlie Isoe’s first solo show in the UK. Presenting a whole new body of works, Silver Spoons and Hotel Rooms will be comprised of oil paintings, sculptural works, photographs and installation.
Juxtapoz magazine recently referred to Isoe’s practice as “beautiful extreme”, and his latest body of work certainly lives up to this claim. Isoe concentrates on exploring the female figure as well as his fascination for portraiture.

His often ambiguous narrative embraces moments of clarity and structure interspersed with comical faces and sketchy depictions of an explicit nature.
Isoe’s practice is hugely influenced by his extensive travels where he has experienced and immersed himself in a variety of cultures. Wanting to highlight the elements of life that we regularly overlook his paintings comment on his social surroundings: the habits of those he comes into contact with, the nightlife he enjoys, the sense of exploitation and addiction ever present in modern life.
In his attempts to capture modern society and the human essence, his loose application of paint coupled with fine draftsmanship make for a captivating pictorial plane.

(words from show PDF)


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