Banksy Walking the LIne

There’s been lots of chat, photos from every angle, tweeting, re-tweeting and tweeting again so I’ve steered clear of Banksy fever until I saw one of the latest additions in Detroit. A star struck rat walks the tightrope. Spotted on an industrial building on Van Dyke between Anna and Gerald.

Banksy hadn’t used rats in his work for years that is until his latest creation ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ opened in the UK, US and Canada.  Banksys league of fans who are used to eagerly waiting months for his next foray onto the street have certainly been spoilt since the film came out.

As well as liking the rat it also got me thinking and and that’s why I decided to post. There is always a lot of debate about the meaning behind a new Banksy piece, what does this one mean, could the meaning behind this stencil be a bit more personal?

The London preview of the film took place at the ‘Lambeth Palace’, a temporary cinema space under Waterloo Station. Wallkandy was lucky enough to be  invited along way back when to see the film & thoroughly enjoyed it. Here are a few snaps I took of the Lambeth Palace interior.

But the question on every fans lips remain where will he appear next?


One Response to “Banksy Walking the LIne”

  1. I always wondered if the rat was homage to Blek.

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