Dolk & Pøbel Do a Spot of Decorating

Both Dolk & Pøbel, who I’ve watched painting at the Nuart festival, have been busy again in Norway painting large in both Oslo and Trondheim stations.  They bring us their trademark style to both walls inside and out..

Whilst their efforts may not have been appreciated by the media amid claims of encouraging increased tagging they certainly have made a bland environment more interesting.

Living Decay

Not so recently but the most interesting project I’ve seen Dolk & Pøbel work on was ‘Living Decay’.

In the summer of 2008 Dolk and Pøbel took on the challenge of Lofoten Islands countryside in Norway to create large-scale murals on the faces of abandoned houses which are about to be demolished. “Living Decay” is suggestive daily log that narrates through 4 tales, the making of these huge paintings inside the unique northern landscape.

The documentary opens and closes with the narration by the American artist John Fekner, pioneer of 70’ street art. The soundtrack alternates between original tracks from “Starving pets” and tracks of “Perturbazione”, “Armstrong?” e “Farmer Sea”.  This is the “Rom For Kunst” version of the video & is well worth watching. Big thank you to Nulliversi for sorting this out for me.


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