Mental Gassi – Artist Collective

You can’t help but like urban interventions when done thoughtfully, with regard to their surroundings and particularly when done with humor. Sadly I live in an area where the only intervention I’m ever likely to see is an empty Mcdonalds bag left in the space next to where a Vauxhall Corsa was parked earlier.

Mental Gassi a German street art collective cover urban objects with large photographic wheatpastes and also build street installations & other types of media.  I’ve selected just a few examples of their work to share on here but many more can be found on their site.

The thing that really strikes me about their work is how, in many cases, the image is taken in such a way so that it fully compliments the object it will be used on.

← Tickets are spewed out through the mouth of a wrapped machine at ART RMX Cologne 2008. Click the link to see the artists putting these wraps in place.

A fantastic example below in how columns have been made to resemble huge jars with heads jammed inside.

That canal water must have dropped by at least a foot already, placement is everything and this certainly is great placement.

These huge lenticular works are extremely clever and given their size very time consuming to put together.

All images © Mental Gassi


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