JR Women are Heroes Screening at Cannes 2010


Synopsis (Words from the site)
In his film Women Are Heroes, photographer JR takes his audience into some exceptional women’s lives. Because these are, most of the time, the first victims in war-time and left on their own during peace-time, JR pays tribute to those women who, in spite of the hurdles, keep smiling, keep fighting and keep hoping for a better life.
From Rio’s shanty towns to Kenyan slums, passing by Indian and Cambodian streets, he offers a fresh look at their struggles and expectations. Displaying their portraits via huge montages on their neighborhood walls, JR sublimates those extraordinary destinies and sheds light on these strong and moving personalities.
Women Are Heroes invites you to travel and discover these women, who, day by day and each one with a particular way, struggle to make this world better.
Before all, this film is a message of hope and a real travel through JR’s art.

Director: JR
Screenplay: JR, Emile Abinal
Cinematography: Patrick Ghiringhelli
Sound: Philippe Welsh
Editing: Hervé Schneid
Music: Patrice – Massive Attack – Jean-Gabriel Becker

All images © their respective owners.

Visit JRs website www.jr-art.net to see more of his stunning & emotionally involving work.  Also Women are Heroes.

More JR photos on my flickr here


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