Black In Black Show – Mark Jenkins & Tim Conlon

Mark Jenkins Interview

Tim Conlon and Mark Jenkins are currently collaborating for an exhibition of paintings and installations at Washington DC’s The Fridge.  They’ve fused their intelligent take on humour to produce some tidy artwork that demands appreciation.

We caught up with Mark to discuss this latest venture and asked how the collaboration came about?

Tim is a graffiti artist who is a good friend of mine. We’ve talked about doing a gallery collaboration for the past couple years but hadn’t found a good time/venue until now. It was a great experience. Merging our styles I learned a lot about color and form and working out ideas with another artist. I used to play in a band and so this was for me like going back to that. I think we’ll do more projects together in the future.

Mark is renowned for his street installations such as the Storker Project and Embed Series, which make full use of their settings in order to maximize effect.  The same satisfaction must be much more difficult to achieve within the restrictions of a gallery setting perhaps?

It’s never quite the same because the gallery is devoid of inherent context. There is nothing to integrate to, nothing to become a part of…which is what my work is all about. So this time, to create some tension we developed a character “The Blaster” to react to the art by puking pink paint on it.

The show has been well received by critics and enthusiasts, with positive reviews supporting the show’s efforts. However, it’s always interesting to establish how the artist feels about exhibiting their work and their personal experience of a show.  Mark attended the opening night and revealed his deep rooted enthusiasm for health and safety.

I went to the opening and my family and friends and people I’d never met before seemed happy enough about it. There was one large tongue sculpture on the ground that a lot of people were tripping over. The gallery owner wanted it to be moved but I thought that having this piece become a hidden surprise was good for the show’s energy even if it spilled a few drinks. So I was happy about all of it.

Black in Black

Tim Conlon & Mark Jenkins

April 10 – May 9, 2010


The Fridge DC

516 8th St SE (Rear Alley)

Washington DC 20003


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